Monday, 14 March 2011

Monday Musing

Hey guuuuuuuuuuys, how's it gooooooooing? Yeah? Okay...okay, good. I just...yeah...okay.

But enough Boxxy talk. The poll i put up last week tells me that people like reading about gaming, films, music, weird news, the paranormal, and anything humourous. So, basically, everything i put on the list.

That's helpful -_-

Well, i'm not going to go too far into any of those on here. This blog is for me to test out various theme-based topics, to pick those that are successful, and carry them forward into a super secret, unnamed project, that will hopefully come into existence in the not-too-distant future. Keep up here, and you'll find out what that is soon enough. For now, i enjoy writing about animal conflict and reviewing absurd and silly things. Hopefully, you like reading about them. :) If you've any suggestions, post them below. Has been busy recently, but i'm back now, and there will be many more posts on the way.

In other news, if you're into challenges and doing crazy things, you should check Erika's blog.

Bye for now ^_^


Question of the day:

How do you feel about links within blog entries? 

There are a couple in here, and i'd be interested to know whether you like being linked elsewhere when you're reading a post. For me, i think they can expand on a particular topic, but too many makes the blogger seem kind of lazy, like their original article only works if the reader can be directed elsewhere. Also, it starts to feel like you're on Wikipedia -_-


  1. Love links within posts, like a link to an article regarding their post or like yours; a link to an interesting blog.

    It can be overused, but I haven't experienced that yet :)

  2. Nothing against links in blog entries, but if they are all over the place it can get annoying

  3. Aww thank you for linking my blog!!

    And I completely agree with the whole Wikipedia feel to just clicking and clicking. Sometimes a link is necessary, but I think the focus should always be YOUR content and not somebody else's.


  4. They are really unnoticeable if you chose to ignore them. They are also great tools for bloggers :P
    The Nostalgia Corner.

  5. Seconded about Erika's.

    I link all over the place.
    Often to other bloggers' profiles and blogs.
    But I'm also guilty of linking relevant words to amazon products on the off-chance that an interested visitor will make a purchase (then I get a cut). : /
    I agree with Erika though - it's distracting from the content.
    Lucky my blog doesn't require much attention!

  6. I only hate it when people overdo it. You don't need to add a link to every other word in a post. But to include one that provides further information which would not really go in the actual article is a big help.

  7. I agree with Mostly Irrelephant. If the link is pertinent to your post then it's fine, but otherwise it distracts from the article.

  8. links in blogs are fine, as long its not overused

  9. Looks good, enjoyed reading it!

  10. I don't really care about links in blogs as long as it isn't every other word being a link

  11. Links to relevant information are always good, but just posting links without original content is just lazy. Following you!

  12. I disagree, i think we need some more Boxxy talk.

  13. Irrelevant:
    Otters are awesome.

    That is all.

  14. Your blog is very interesting, I'd love to read more from you :)

    Hit me back if you want :)


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